Case Study

How has DRX impacted our customers?

DANWINS Pharmacy

Our first customer is owned and operated by the founder of DRX and served as a unique opportunity to prove the software.

DANWINS required all of the features that any busy pharmacy needs to succeed including phones, IVR, electronic prescribing, point-of-sale and more. Yet there were some key problem areas that needed to be addressed with their current technology setup.

Pharmacy Operation Problems

Utilizing multiple, expensive vendors for many services was creating a large financial burden on the pharmacy.

By retaining different vendors for phones, IVR, SMS, fax, email, and pharmacy management, DANWINS was getting "One-hundred-dollar-a-month" to death - a fate that is very familiar to any pharmacy owner.

Leading up to the switch to DRX, DANWINS Pharmacy was paying nearly $2,000/month in combined service fees for all of these vendors. This financial burden tied up resources needed to grow and expand, which is always necessary in this industry.

Pharmacy staff was not reaching productivity goals due to software inefficiencies

Nearly 1-2 hours each day had been spent fighting the technology in order to get the work done in each queue with previous vendors. Frequently, systems would move slowly or require endless prompts and pop-ups before any work could be completed. This limited productivity and increased labor costs for DANWINS.

Inability to see key insights into the business prevented the owner from maximizing profit potential.

As an owner you always need accurate reporting into your system and be able to access that data from anywhere. Because of the old, antiquated server-in-store model, the owner could not see this information easily from a home office.

Even when there was access to that data, the key information was usually buried under a mountain of settings or behind a poor user interface.

DRX to the Rescue

The solution to these issues was to change over to DRX, a pharmacy management solution built by a pharmacist and independent pharmacy owner who personally oversaw development.

Imagine being able to see a problem with your computer system and then fix it immediately and test in a live store with your staff! That's how DRX was built!

With DRX powering operations, these problems were immediately resolved and put DANWINS on a path to relevance, growth, and profitability that was not possible before.


There is no question that the switch to DRX immediately cut costs for DANWINS Pharmacy. Additionally the flexibility of having the system and phones in the cloud gave the owner the ability to remotely manage the business. Staff productivity also improved significantly.

$7,187 Saved/Yr

Combining services with lower usage rates with DRX


Employee productivity and speed of training new hires


Customer satisfaction scores.