Pricing Plans

Affordable pharmacy software

Installation Costs

We know transitioning your data, training your staff, and adjusting to a new workflow is tough for any pharmacy. We pay you when you switch to our software!


  • $10,000 Training and Installation
  • +$2,000 On-site server
  • +$3,000 (On average) for other mandatory equipment
$ 15,000+ one-time


  • $1,000 travel fee includes 20 hours of training Training and Installation
  • $0 Re-use all your existing equipment
$ 1,000 one-time

Recurring Costs

Repeating expenses are always key to the bottom line. We try to make it easy to save with DRX.


Buy features separately and get charged extra when new features come out.

$ 870/month
  • $350/month for Sales and Support
  • + $100/month for Mobile Apps
  • + $100/month for Website Integration
  • + $100/month for Metrics Dashboard
  • + $100/month for Server Rental
  • + More if you need other features
  • + Claims and E-Rx


We charge a flat, affordable base fee. You get every feature and upgrade from now until forever at no additional cost.

$ 399/month

    We replace your:

  • IVR/Phone system
  • Point of Sale
  • Delivery Service
  • SMS, Email, Fax Service
  • Shipping Service
  • Website Service
  • Mobile App Service
  • Blisterpack Service
  • + Claims and E-Rx


How much will you save by switching to DRX?

$ [[getDinero(savings).toFormat('$0,0')]]/year
$ 69/month

    Billed as used

  • $[[surescripts.toFixed(2)]] E-Prescribing (Competition $[[surescriptsCompetition.toFixed(2)]])
  • $[[erx.toFixed(2)]] Ins. Claims (Competition $[[erxCompetition.toFixed(2)]])