Modernizing Pharmacy Technology

Features? We have some good ones!

Our weekly software release cycles keep you on the cutting edge.

Affordability is a feature

Move your pharmacy to our novel cloud based solution and reap the benefits of a distributed, low-cost, and easy-to-maintain system.

DRX Combines Eight Core Services

We are your Core Management Software, POS, Phone/IVR, Mobile App, Website Integration, Compliance Packaging, Compounding, and Long Term Care solution.

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Core Management Software

Manage patients, process prescriptions, generate reports, handle compounds, print labels, calculate costs/pricing, make clinical assessments, with updates weekly.

Point Of Sale

Every work station doubles as a Point of Sale. Credit card terminals are integrated and designed to work with Flex/HSA cards. We handle OTC sales, Rx Sales, Deliveries (including remote signature and driver route optimization), refunds, PSE tracking, and much more.

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Phone / IVR

Automated outbound calling (Rx Ready, Out of Stock, etc...), unlimited phone lines, custom greetings, phone refills, SPAM and Solicitation Protections, Use your same phone number for voice and text.

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Mobile App

Custom IOS and Android Apps with your logo and branding for your customers to view their profile, order refills, and communicate with your staff.

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Website Integration

Use our web integration to add refill ordering to your existing solution, or let us host and manage your website for you.

Compliance Packaging

Compete with Amazon Pillpack and replace your existing solution for blisterpacking. With our unique Sync List view, you get the full picture on who is due for a pack, what goes in it, what changes have been made since last time, the full pack history, staff comments, and more.

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DRX has a robust system for handling compounding including formula management, batch production, and safety features to ensure compliance and high quality finished products

Connect your Sartorius and Ohaus scales directly to DRX!

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Long Term Care

Need to create MARs, manage facilities, wings, rooms, deliveries and more? We've got you covered!

Our long term care solution simplifies billing, and helps reduce the human labor needed to maintain a busy facility setting.

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This is the solution I was looking for. We were having trouble with our blisterpack patients and our previous provider did not give us enough information to reliably produce a pack every month. This was a huge improvement at a significant cost savings.

- Kelsey T.

Our new software (DRX) is so much faster. We were used to slow lookup times for patient data and unreliable performance. There was a lot of popup fatigue with our old provider and that's gone now too.

- Emily H.

I'm excited to switch from our old provider. We couldn't bill a secondary insurance company correctly, and now we can with DRX

- Tracey K.

We're saving a lot of money with DRX

- Jim K.

I was nervous to switch as I was used to our old system and it's nerve-wracking to learn something new when customers are staring you in the face. I can say it was worth it though. There are new features pushed out every week that help make my day easier.

The software team at DRX are always listening to our feedback to make sure we have new updates and features that solve the problems we are facing.

- Mary F.